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A Full Range of Talent Sourcing Services

Tailored Sourcing

We provide you with a truly focused staffing approach. We gear our search and sourcing techniques as such and isolate the correct personnel for you. We search based on specified criteria which most closely match your needs.

Evaluating and Screening Candidates

We verify our candidate’s previous employment, we have them undergo a background check and drug screening, we check references. The end result; a new member to your staff that may be welcomed with little concern.

Finding the Right Fit

We meet with you. We understand our clients and know what their workplace environment is like. By doing so we are then able to determine the candidate that best fits your needs and also is most likely interact positively with your current staff.

Pre-Screened Candidates

We are always growing an partnering with new clients. In doing so, we have built a network of pre-screened employment candidates consisting of more than 24,000 candidates. When you need quality personnel, and you need them fast; LWS is ready!

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